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Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C in our world 2016 ∕ 2016-05-17 ∕ YSofters, visual studio, gradle, software craftsmanship, sdl, fimuni
Our ODC Analyzer Tool Open-Sourced ∕ 2016-02-29 ∕ YSofters, scala, security, open source, gradle, owasp dependency check
How we detect vulnerable libraries using OWASP Dependency Check ∕ 2015-12-01 ∕ YSofters, java, security, gradle, maven, check, dependency, owasp
Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C in our wold 2015 ∕ 2015-05-05 ∕ YSofters, gradle, go, software craftsmanship, c, fimuni
Executing Gradle Sonar Runner from Bamboo ∕ 2015-03-20 ∕ YSofters, git, gradle, plugin, software craftsmanship, bamboo, clone, shallow, sonar
How to create Gradle project with custom task classes in Groovy ∕ 2015-02-26 ∕ YSofters, groovy, gradle, software craftsmanship, custom, task
Slides from talk at FI MUNI: C++ in our wold ∕ 2014-12-08 ∕ YSofters, gradle, software craftsmanship, c, fimuni
Bigger & Better RnD – 2014 – slides ∕ 2014-11-03 ∕ YSofters, java, pattern, prague, change, gradle, geecon, events, atlassian
Gradle GUI interface ∕ 2014-09-23 ∕ YSofters, gradle, productivity tips, gui

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